Couple's Workshops

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Couple's Workshops Counseling Services

If you and your partner are struggling to maintain a healthy relationship, intensive couples counseling sessions from Collaborative Counseling Utah can help. Led by Michelle Inauen, a highly experienced Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Utah, these sessions provide targeted support to help you and your partner rebuild and strengthen your relationship.

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What Is a Couple’s Workshop?

A couple’s workshop is a private, personalized approach to relationship counseling. It’s a great solution for couples who have become frustrated with or burnt out by weekly relationship therapy sessions that are slow. Michelle’s proven method concentrates six to eight months of therapy into just two days, teaching you new ways to communicate with your partner that will stick over time.

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Benefits of Couples Workshops

Couples workshops offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Intensive Focus: Condensed format allows for deep, uninterrupted focus on your relationship issues.

  • Effective Communication: Learn new communication techniques that are designed to stick over time.

  • Immediate Results: Experience significant progress in just two days, rather than waiting months.

  • Hands-On Coaching: Practice new skills in real-time with the guidance of an experienced therapist.

  • Clarity and Insight: Gain a clearer understanding of your relationship dynamics and areas that need improvement.

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What Does the Program Involve?

Couple's Workshops are for those of you who absolutely want to leave at the end of the day with a notebook full of things specific to how you are and how you work and how to do things better. You are going to leave with a brand-new way to communicate with your partner that sticks over time. This format is for you if you don’t want to slough through slow weekly sessions and you are on the brink of divorce, you are desperate for change, and you need it now.

The workshop is a private, personalized experience. It is an opportunity for you both to immerse yourself without any distractions, where we will have the time to identify key areas to focus on as well as learn a whole new way to talk to each other. Couples gain clarity, learn new skills, and have time to practice them in real-time with hands-on coaching.

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Why Couples Workshops Are Different Than Couples Counseling

Couples workshops differ from traditional couples counseling in several ways:

  • Time Efficiency: Instead of weekly sessions that can stretch over months, workshops condense the therapy process into just two days.

  • Intensity: Workshops provide a more immersive and intensive experience, allowing for greater focus and faster progress.

  • Immediate Impact: The condensed format means that couples can see immediate changes and improvements in their relationship.

  • Practical Application: Workshops emphasize real-time practice of new skills and techniques, making it easier to apply them in daily life.

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Why You May Be Better Suited for Workshops Than Counseling

Workshops may be a better fit for couples who:

  • Are on the brink of divorce and need urgent intervention.

  • Feel frustrated or burnt out by the slow progress of weekly sessions.

  • Desire immediate and significant change in their relationship.

  • Prefer an intensive, immersive experience to address their issues quickly.

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