Couples Counseling

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is for individuals in a relationship and reasons for coming to therapy can vary for each couple.

  • Learning assertive communication skills
  • Increase effective and meaningful communication
  • Cultural differences such as food preferences
  • Money organization
  • Parenting skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Sex therapy

Attending Couples Therapy Does Not Mean You Are Heading For A Divorce.

This means you need some additional help with some problem-solving. Coming to couples therapy is not meant to be forever. It can be a few sessions to a couple of years depending on your needs and desires for growth.

Coming To Therapy Does Not Mean You Have A Character Flaw.

Asking for help is a sign of strength and you have come to the realization you cannot do it on your own. Couples therapy can be done individually or in couples. You do not have to be married to come to couples therapy. You can be dating or in a committed relationship.

Be Realistic About Your Therapy.

It will be hard work and changes will not happen overnight. Also, coming to couples therapy does not mean you are going to change your partner. You will do self-work and make a commitment to make changes within yourself. Also, let our therapist know if you have questions or concerns. This is a safe place to do so. The therapist is human and can make mistakes. If you let the therapist know there was a misunderstanding it can save you in the future from just walking out and cutting your therapy short.  You will be surprised how well that can turn out and possibly be therapeutic for you.

What Collaborative Counseling Does In Couples Therapy 

We will lay out some ground rules for sessions:

  • Everyone has a right to speak, the right to change their mind, or the right to disagree.
  • Yelling is not allowed. If the session becomes escalated, we offer activities to help bring down the energy.
  • Our sessions will always have your goals as a couple in minds.
  • We offer activities from games, art, dancing, music, and talking — whatever you or the couple are comfortable with.
  • Be prepared for feedback, it is not always easy to hear but will be delivered in a respectful manner. Yes, you are welcome to offer the therapist feedback as well.

When you commit to the work and attending sessions, wonderful things can happen. Our staff looks forward to hearing from you. Please call and ask about our 30-minute free session or simply call to ask questions.

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